Measuring instructions for bathrobes, raincoats

>> (1) Head circumference

For dog clothing (e.g. sweaters or bathrobes) with a fixed head entry/neckline, it is necessary to measure the (1) head circumference of your dog and compare it with the maximum head circumference of the product. The dog's (1) head circumference is measured at the thickest part of the head, including the ears.
Tip: To check, form a loop with the measuring tape and pull it over your dog's head.

>> (3) Neck circumference below

Some manufacturers indicate the (3) neck circumference below instead of the head circumference . To do this, place the measuring tape around your dog's lower neck. You should make sure that it rests at the top of the shoulder blades and at the bottom in front of the forelegs on the breastbone.

>> (4) Chest circumference

To measure your dog's (4) chest circumference , place the tape measure approximately three to four finger widths (for large dogs approximately one hand width) behind the front legs and measure once all around your dog's chest circumference.

>> (5) Waist circumference

Some manufacturers indicate the (5) waist circumference instead of the chest circumference. You measure this shortly before the end of the rib arch. If the garment has a waist belt or something similar, make sure that this is not set too tight and cannot press into the dog's soft tissues.
Important! For male dogs, the abdominal circumference is always measured in front of the genitals!

>> (8) Back length

The (8) back length is measured from the withers to the base of the tail. To do this, simply place the tape measure on your neck and pull it over your back to the base of your tail (end of your spine).

Note: If the measured value is between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the larger version.