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Peggy carrying bag - various motifs

Peggy carrying bag - various motifs

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Fashion-conscious accessory and practical transport bag in one: the Peggy carrier bag can be easily hung over your shoulder and offers space for your puppy or small dog up to 10 kg. In various fashionable designs on the outside and lined with matching cuddly fabric on the inside, you can take your darling with you anywhere in a casual way. The extra soft material ensures a pleasant feel and helps puppies and hairless, sick or older animals to store their body heat better.

With the Peggy carrier bag you can always have your little four-legged friend with you and thus strengthen the bond between you and your animal. Whether you're traveling, on a shopping spree or in a café: thanks to this bag, your little one no longer has to stay at home alone or even wait at the door when you enter a store. Thanks to the strap with a small carabiner on the inside, the bag also offers a way to leash your dog to prevent accidental jumping out. It is also particularly easy to care for and washable at 30°C. A practical and beautiful fashion bag that guarantees a stylish appearance for two!

Peggy carrying bag at a glance:

  • Carrying bag for puppies or small dogs up to 10kg
  • Casual & stylish: comfortable to hang over your shoulder, in various trendy colors
  • Stores body heat: helps puppies, sick, old or hairless animals to maintain their body heat better
  • Extra soft: pleasant, soft material
  • Leash option: with strap & small carabiner, prevents it from jumping out of the bag
  • Time for two: close physical contact, strengthens the bond between you and your dog
  • With you everywhere: ideal when traveling, on a shopping spree or in a café
  • Care instructions: washable at 30°C
  • Color: various colors
  • Material: cotton or jersey, cuddly fabric
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