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Blanket bag Pavo

Blanket bag Pavo

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Product description:

Our training blanket transport bag is the perfect accessory to transport your training equipment in style and have it within reach. Made from high-quality softshell material and faux leather, it fits perfectly with the training blanket and complements its functionality.

The transport bag has a spacious main compartment that offers enough space for the training blanket. It is made of matching softshell and synthetic leather and therefore not only offers protection, but also a harmonious overall appearance with the blanket.

A special feature of the transport bag is the zippered compartment on the front. Here you can safely store personal items such as keys, cell phones or money. This means you always have everything you need close at hand without having to take additional bags or backpacks with you.

The carrier of the bag has an attachment option for training dummies, food bags or a water bottle. This means you have all your training accessories in one place and can easily transport them. The attachment option is robust and secure so you can fully concentrate on training.

The transport bag was specially designed for the training blanket and offers an optimal fit. With its attractive design and high-quality materials, it is not only functional, but also a real eye-catcher.

Whether you're going to dog training, to the park or to competitions, the transport bag ensures that you always have your training equipment at hand and can transport it in style.

Invest in the transport bag that fits the training blanket perfectly and meets all your needs. Choose our high-quality transport bag made of softshell and synthetic leather and enjoy training with your dog to the fullest.


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