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Pavo food bag

Pavo food bag

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Product description:

Our food bag is an essential accessory for training and walking with your dog. With its practical design and high-quality materials, it is the ideal solution for transporting treats or dry food safely and conveniently.

Available in different designs, you can choose between plain colored versions or food bags in a matching design to the transport bag for training blankets. We also offer food bags with individual patterns that add that certain something.

Our food bags are made of durable softshell material with a water- and grease-repellent interior. This keeps the treats fresh and dry while you transport them with ease.

The feed bag is designed in the shape of a round bag and is securely closed by pulling it together and using a closure. This allows you to easily open and close the bag while ensuring no treats fall out.

The food bag fits perfectly with our transport bag and training blanket and is also offered as part of a practical set of 3. By purchasing the set, you get the transport bag, training blanket and food bag at an attractive price and have everything you need to train your dog.

Regardless of whether you want to take treats with you for training at the dog park, for a walk in the park or during dog sports, our food bag offers you the necessary functionality and practical handling.

Invest in our feed bag, which is not only functional but also stylishly matches your training accessories. Choose between different designs and ensure that you always have the best rewards for your dog at hand.


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