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Dog walking or training apron neon yellow

Dog walking or training apron neon yellow

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What do you do when walking the dog in the summer when you don't have so many bags? Dummies/toys for the dogs, something to drink, keys, change, ID, cell phone, leash, poop bag, etc. Go with what?

With a vest? Way too warm! With a backpack? Keep opening, closing and putting it on? This will probably stick to the body, no, it's far too complicated and annoying. The solution here is the hip apron for walks or dog training ♥ Super light material, hardly noticeable and so much storage space. What more do you want?!

2 front side pockets, each with a zippered pocket (these can be personalized). The zippered pocket has space for money, keys, etc. The material protects everything from water or moisture.

In the back there is a large (dummy) pocket that allows access from both sides (also customizable)

There are two attachment options on the side for a leash, treat bag or similar

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