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Collar call the white bengal

Collar call the white bengal

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Experience the wildness of nature and the beauty of autumn flowers with our exclusive collar from the "Gone Wild" and "Autumn Flowers" collection at Doggies Couture! These collars have been designed with attention to detail to celebrate the allure of wildlife and the delicate splendor of autumn flowers.

**"Gone Wild" - Animal Prints:**
Our "Gone Wild" collars are inspired by the wildlife and feature exciting animal prints. Your dog will stroll the world in style while representing the wild side of nature.

**"Autumn Flowers" - autumn flowers:**
The "Autumn Flowers" collars, on the other hand, are inspired by the colors and shapes of autumn flowers. They give your dog a touch of delicate elegance and celebrate the magical beauty of the flowers that adorn autumn.

**Flexible and Secure:**
Our collars have a fixed pull stop that allows your dog to walk safely and in control without you having to worry about their safety. At the same time, they are adjustable to ensure a perfect fit that offers your dog maximum comfort.

**High-quality outdoor fabric:**
The collars from the "Gone Wild" and "Autumn Flowers" collection are made of robust outdoor fabric that can withstand all the challenges of autumn weather. No matter rain, wind or sunshine – these collars stay in top shape.

**Easy to put on and take off:**
The adjustable hardware allows the collars to be easily put on and taken off without causing any discomfort to your dog.

**Stylish and functional:**
Our collars are not only fashionable accessories, but also practical and safe tools for your autumn walks. Your dog will feel comfortable in it and you will enjoy the autumn flair to the fullest.

With our collars from the "Gone Wild" and "Autumn Flowers" collection, you can combine style and nature to experience unforgettable autumn moments on every walk. Get these unique collars now and celebrate the wild side of nature and the delicate beauty of autumn flowers.

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