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Training and walking apron golden flowers

Training and walking apron golden flowers

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Prepare for relaxed dog walks and successful training sessions with our training and dog apron from the Doggies Couture online shop! This apron is designed to add comfort and functionality to your life with your four-legged friend.

**Water-repellent outdoor fabric:**
Our training and walking apron is made of high-quality outdoor fabric that is water-repellent. Whether you're out in the rain, at the beach or in the park, this apron will keep you dry and comfortable.

**Adjustable waistband for the perfect fit:**
The adjustable waistband allows the apron to fit perfectly to your body shape so you can move freely while your dog romps around.

**Bags, Bags, Bags:**
With this apron you have everything you need at hand. There is a large pocket at the back for dummies or other training equipment. There is a pocket on the left and right for small items, and two patch pockets with zippers at the front offer additional storage space for your personal items.

**Carabiner for training equipment:**
The apron has a handy carabiner that you can attach training equipment or other items to, leaving your hands free to focus on your dog.

**Various designs:**
Our aprons are available in a variety of designs so you can express your individual style. Choose a design that suits you and your dog.

**Washable and easy to care for:**
The apron is easy to clean and can be machine washed, although it should not be tumble dried to ensure its longevity.

With our training and dog walking apron from Doggies Couture you are well prepared for every dog ​​walk and training session. Not only does it offer practical features, but also style and comfort so you and your dog can have fun together. Get the apron that will make your dog's life easier now!

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